We can’t wait to hunt down your ultimate domain name!

We spend eight hours every day buying and selling domain names for ourselves and our clients. We currently own over 1000 premium domain names ourselves, with access to tens of thousands of premium domain names through our domain broker and domainer contacts.

We guarantee to acquire your dream domain name for much less than you could get it for yourself.

We are completely transparent in our methods and fees when going after your domain name and update you every few days as to the progress.

Start-Up / Standard domain hunter fee: $150
(AU$ ex GST, per name).

Corporation / Premium domain hunter fee: $500
(AU$ ex GST for many names).

Please note: this is only the initial payment for our domain broker services. Our “success” fees are listed toward the bottom of this page.

If you’d like to go ahead right now, simply fill out the following form, answer our questionnaire, make your credit card payment and we will begin the process same-day. If you’d feel more comfortable speaking to our chief domain broker before making your payment, please feel free to phone 1300 76 55 66 during business hours for a free initial conversation.

The amount of time you would personally have to spend acquiring the perfect domain name for your business, making the contacts, learning the technical skills, playing the poker-like buying/selling/bluffing game that many professional domainers prefer to play to squeeze the most amount of money out of you, designing your own bespoke domain hunting/investigative software, would cost you months of time and thousands of dollars.

Once you’ve made your initial payment, it generally takes us two weeks to successfully negotiate terms for acquiring your domain name(s). We regularly keep you up to date on the progress. If we use a professional escrow service (middleman service) to perform the transfer of money between the buyer and the seller, the technical process generally takes a further two weeks. From start to finish, on average, it can take around 4 weeks to secure your domain name for the best price.

On some occasions we are unsuccessful in acquiring your name. This could include pricing disagreements such as an unrealistic sales price or an unrealistic buying price. Although we are unrelenting in our methods of tracking down the real and current owner of each name, sometimes it is impossible to reach the current owner of the name due to unforeseen circumstances. If we can not get any sort of response from a domain name owner, we look into the possibility of legal avenues of having the name taken away from them (perhaps formal complaints with auDA or ICANN) for being uncontactable or for no longer being legally-allowed to own the domain name. This can add another few months of time, but we don’t charge any extra fees for this service.

In any event, if we are unsuccessful in acquiring your dream domain name, for no extra initial charge, we will work with you to brainstorm and secure a comparable name. If you choose not to purchase another name right away, we are also willing to setup daily surveillance options on a few names for you, for no extra charge, and inform you when we believe we have a better chance of securing your name in the future. Our systems are fully-automated, so we won’t forget about you!

Did you know that hundreds of premium domain names are lost every day?

Examples of how a current owner may lose their powerful domain name in the near future are as follows:
1. Owner simply forgets, or is too busy with other work, to renew their lease. The “reminder to renew” email is lost in a sea of work emails.
2. Owner changes credit card numbers, or is issued a new card with a new expiry date, but forgets to update the new information at their registrar holding the domain name.
3. Owner changes administrator email addresses and doesn’t receive the renewal notice.
4. In large companies, the original administrator of the name goes away on holiday or leaves the company and doesn’t update the registrar control panel with new contact information.

Hundreds of premium domain names are “dropped” every day due to simple administration errors like these.

DBR is always watching as powerful and premium domain names become available. We secure many powerful names, every day, for ourselves and our clients. Every day of the week, including Sundays.

It is how we have come to acquire AirportCarHire.com.au(,) MelbourneHotels.com.au(,) MelbourneAccommodation.com(,) Bourbon.com.au(,) Tuxedo.com.au(,) Astronaut.com.au for our own portfolio… and names like PD.com.au for Progressive Direct Insurance and and Fetch.com.au for Fetch TV Streaming Service.

.COM.AU and .COM versus other TLD’s for Brand Protection

New gTLD’s like .family and .business and .restaurant and .health extensions are not currently as popular as .com.au and .com(.) You will notice you do not see these new gTLD’s advertised on the sides of buses, on trade vehicles or on television. It’s all .com.au and .com(.) However, no one can be sure if they are going to take off in the next five to ten years, so many businesses are opting to use our services for “brand protection” by having us brainstorm which gTLD’s they should register for their company. Examples of these new gTLD’s for brand protection include .courses(,) .health(,) .travel(,) etc…


We only have a few simple rules that we conduct our business by:

1. We strive to score the most powerful premium domain name we can for you at the lowest possible price.
2. We can find the owners and appropriate email, phone numbers and physical address of domain name owners even when they don’t want to be found. Using old-school Linux and Python programming languages, we use our source-code method’s to get behind the internet user interface and follow the numerous data-breadcrumbs of a domain name to locate the previous and current owners of a domain name.
3. We mainly hunt for .com or .com.au domain names, as these TLD’s are the most respected in Australia and Internationally. On request we can also secure new “gTLD” extensions to protect your brand. For example an “online courses” business recently had us secure their equivalent online.courses and study.online gTLD versions of their company names.
4. On successful acquisition, we deliver your new domain name(s) to you from our own Domain Registrar Service (AussieNames.com.au). Our easy to use, yet powerful, control panel will allow you to login and control your new domain name however you see fit. You can control the DNS (name servers), you can point the name to your existing website, you can add website hosting and email hosting, control and setup new email addresses, or use the AUTH CODE to transfer your new name to where you currently house all your other domain names. You are under no obligation to stay with Aussie Names (our own in-house registrar service.) but we hope you do.
5. We knock off an hour early on Fridays for a beer to celebrate the week’s accomplishments.
6. Our final charges only apply if we are successful in acquiring your domain name. On successful acquisition, we charge an agreed commission percentage “success fee” (disclosed in our Broker Agreement with you) of each domain name (ex GST). Other fees (outside our control) include the COR (Change of Registrant) fees (required by auDA and.or ICANN, which are around $60) and Escrow fees (if escrow.com middleman service is required). But, no need to worry, we will inform you of every fee you will be up for, via our Broker and Sales Agreement, before you give us the green light to purchase the domain name(s). We ensure you know the complete final cost before you agree to buy your name(s) and before we make the official offer to the seller of the domain name.

Time is of the essence, as usual in business. The longer it takes you to realise you need a super-powerful premium domain name, the greater the chances your competitors will find and secure it before you.

Every day, thousands of names are accidentally “let go” by companies and become available on the open market and we are always watching.

By making your initial payment to us to get you started, you are not only investing in the perfect domain name for your business today, but are investing in its power for decades to come.

Think of domain names today as the equivalent of digital gold. Gold on Earth is very valuable and never loses money. This is what has happened to domain names. Everyone has already found the gold laying around on the surface. Now, all the “easy to pick” names are gone. All the good names are taken and are now traded. It’s best to use a professional domain broker like us, to ensure you are talking to the legitimate owner of the name, and don’t end up over-paying. We also ensure you don’t lose your money, until we are absolutely positive we have secured the domain name. And vice-versa.

We take the risk out of trading domain names.

Many businesses are now beginning to look at premium domain names as the new superannuation. The new safe stock option. The new digital real estate. We do.

Let us research, hunt and acquire your perfect domain name now by choosing one of our awesome services.

Fill out the form on this page and make your initial payment to get started.

As always, right now before you begin, or while we are working for you, please feel free to call us anytime during business hours on 1300 76 55 66.

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