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Domain Name Evaluation by a real person

Make A Payment

Our professional Domain Brokers own thousands of domain names and spend hours every day buying and selling domains. We have brokered names for Fairfax Media, Accommodating.com.au, Shermac, Impressive, Friday, SydneyAccommodation, MelbourneHotels

Who would you prefer to trust to give you an expert evaluation on your domain names? A free website claiming to have invented a magical mathematical formula, or a real person – a professional Chief Domain Broker who owns 1000 domain names and does this every day for a living for himself and large corporations?

We thought so. It’s a no-brainer. A manual domain name appraisal by a real person in the industry is the way forward. Please make your payment on the right and we’ll get onto it right away.

Buying Domains

Getting a professional domain name evaluation can stop you from making a big mistake. You need an expert opinion on a domain name’s value before you buy it. Also, the evaluations can be used in your negotiations with someone you are trying to buy a domain name from. Knowing the value of a domain name before you begin negotiations gives you more control during the buying process. You can tell the seller, “I just had this name evaluated by Domain Broker Australia and I have this certificate that says that they think it’s worth $XXX”.

Selling Domains

When you’re selling a domain, it’s important to get a professional evaluation done by an expert domain broker who owns thousands of names. The evaluation will determine the true value of your domain’s worth so you’re not promoting an unrealistic number, or underselling your domain name. The whole purpose of a domain name evaluation is to know exactly what you have, maximise your profits during the sale, and sell it quickly.

Tax Purposes

Domain names are considered an asset and can positively impact your tax return. However, you should have your domain names evaluated by a reputable independent domain evaluation company, like Domain Broker Australia, before your accountant will trust what they’re worth.

Asset Valuation

It doesn’t matter if you are applying for a loan, finding the true value of your business, or just want to know your net worth, knowing the value of your domain names are an important part of an accurate business asset valuation. Since many people are starting to realise that domain names are considered assets, professionally evaluated domain names can provide a significant increase to your net worth.

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