Why is my Domain Name dropping?

It can come as a huge shock to be made aware that your domain name is about to “drop” on the domain name public auction systems. When this happens, you don’t only lose your domain name, but your website and email addresses STOP WORKING. Not to mention, someone else can possibly buy your domain name, and then start trading on it.

There are many reasons how and why your domain name has ended up being “dropped”, but it is important you understand the process.
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Domain Expiry Process as explained by .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA.org.au)

When a domain name has expired or has been deleted and someone would like to pick up the name when it becomes available for registration, we recommend that a person or organisation employs the services of a domain drop catcher. A drop catching service allows a person to lodge a pre-application for a domain name before it is due to drop, and then uses a special software program to attempt to ‘catch’ the domain name at the registry as soon as it drops.

Without the necessary knowledge or technology it can be quite difficult for the general public to pick up these names. While we don’t recommend one over another it is advisable to thoroughly research and decide who offers the best service in this area for yourself. It’s important to note that there is usually a fee for using a drop catching service, in addition to the domain name registration fee that you will be charged if the service is successful in catching your domain name.  It is important to note that while employing the services of a drop catcher improves your chances of picking up a domain name it does not guarantee it as there could be several domain catchers competing to pick up the same name that is about to be dropped.

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Our Drop Catching / Expiring Domain Name service explained 

DBR offers a professional ‘drop catching service’ and we are confident we can help you secure your domain name back before anybody else acquires it.

DBR Drop Catching Service – Important Points

  • The process ends at 2pm tomorrow, if you wish to proceed we need to be notified before 12.00pm (Melbourne Time).
  • Full payment through our form is required before we can proceed.
  • We may be required to phone you in the dying minutes of the auction, so please include your best phone number when filling out our form.
  •  If we are unsuccessful in acquiring your domain name, you will be issued a full refund.
  • We require you to nominate your service level at the time you fill out our form and request our services. There are no hidden additional costs.
  • Your domain name is going through a “drop process” which means it recently expired. Although there may be many bidders trying to acquire your domain name, we will be using all reasonable endeavours and technological resources to win your domain back.
  • Depending on the particular drop catching service we acquire the domain through, we will either register the domain directly to your ABN or temporarily act as your agent until we perform the COR.
  • At the end of the process we complete a COR (Legal Change of Registrant) to the ABN you provide and you will have complete control and ownership of the domain.
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