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All the good names are taken.

From $150AU, we will hunt it down and bring it to you (alive and breathing!)

Still not convinced? Here’s how we are going to get your dream name for you…

Step 1.
Please resist trying to contact the current owner of your dream domain name yourself. We have seen this happen countless times. As soon as you contact the current owner of the domain name, the name officially becomes wanted by someone. This means the domain name owner sees this name as being valuable to the market place. If we then make an enquiry to the owner shortly after, they believe the name is very popular and the price skyrockets. It’s possible to bring it back down, but you generally still end up paying more than if we were to go in cold from the beginning. Plus, the whole process takes a lot longer because the seller wants to buy some time while he waits for the first person who enquired to maybe come back.

Step 2.
Fill out OUR FORM and answer our carefully-designed questionnaire and pay our initial fee. Unfortunately we have to ask for an up-front initial fee to ensure you are serious about the name. The information you provide to us in our form will ensure we know exactly why you want the domain name. It will also allow us to see that you are entitled to own the name and meet all the auDA and iCANN policies for transferring ownership to you, before we venture down the treacherous and long-winding technology-path of domain name hunting and acquisition.

Step 3.
The current owner of your dream domain name becomes our “target”. Using best industry practice, we thoroughly research and debate the best way to please the target to ensure a reasonable sale price. This is all done for 24 hours before we make first contact with the seller. Sometimes we find ways to include bartering techniques like using other domain names or digital assets to persuade the seller to part with their name, apart from a dollar figure exclusively. Sometimes the “target” is not allowed to own the name in the first place. In this case we walk you through various other options to acquire the name.

Step 4.
We begin our tried and tested acquisition methods. We guarantee that if the domain name is for sale, we will always get it for a better price than you could get it yourself. We use factual recent domain name sale comparisons to bring the seller’s price back down to reality. This ensures the seller isn’t just creating a price out of thin air because they are unrealistically in love with their own name.

Domain name acquisition isn’t as easy as contacting the seller and asking for a price. As you can read above, there’s a lot that goes into acquiring a domain name at the best price. Whether you are starting a new business venture (startup) or looking for a more powerfully targeted domain for an existing brand, we are here to help facilitate your purchase and make the technical transaction as smooth and simple as possible.

We own the following domain names: (Imagine what we can do for you?)


“Entrepreneurs…come one step closer to building a meaningful company if they start on high-value digital real estate.”

Forbes Magazine; on why start ups should choose premium domain names.

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